About Us

Gaviti is developed by a team of experienced finance professionals with great experience and expertise in collections, accounting, and corporate accounts receivables and is a Software as a Service company that specializes in accounts receivables process optimization. The system tracks open invoices and your accounts receivables (AR), automatically interacts with clients on your behalf while producing reports and process optimization suggestions.

The main benefits of smarter collections process for businesses who sell on credit are a huge ROI and increase in client satisfaction. With Gaviti’s innovative collections solution businesses can expect to write off less invoices, accelerate cash flow, get paid more and faster and provide a better experience for clients who become debtors. Huge work hour saving and better visibility of business process are a big plus, too.

Our Team


After working for a decade as a collections manager, I have reached the conclusion that the tools available for our task are not good enough and are not easy to use. Having collected over $1.026 Billion (with a B) throughout the years, I have a few insights to share that I hope you will find beneficial. It is my goal to help as many businesses as possible to achieve their cash flow goals, so you – the client, can focus on growing your enterprise and not chasing payments.


With a decade of experience as a software developer and software development team lead, I’ve worked on creating software from scratch as a first developer on a start-up and an enterprise level. I’ve worked with development teams in Israel, Eastern Europe, India, and the USA.

Our Customers